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I was sitting with Scott Tilden in front of the church and we talked about Jay Berliner who is on your new CD. This music is magical and such a joy to listen to. I look forward listening to it again as it is so musical and your voice is beautiful.
Broadway is so in need of musicals you can listen to and hum the tunes - maybe you can weave the lyrics into a story - look what Mama Mia did. And your music is so much better to listen to.
I am a fan.
Linda Frank
Dear Sari,
It was a pleasure to receive your note and the wonderful CD – created with such talent and thought. I enjoyed the music a lot. Thank you for sharing this.
I was happy to learn about the progress of the film making devoted to Harry.
I wish you all the best,
Peretz Lavie
Professor Peretz Lavie
Office of the President
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Hi Sari,
I have been enjoying your CD very much!! It is a joyful expression and with amazing musicians supporting you. You can't help but feel hopeful about everything while listening.
Brava! I hope you continue this Noisy Joy for everyone in your path,
Janet Marlow, CEO
Pet Acoustics Inc.
Creating a sound world for animals
Greetings Sari-
It was a joy to connect with you,learn more about your video project......and smile along the way back to NH listening to your music! We were both looking at each other and laughing,sort of like knowing somebody famous,and not realizing it after the fact!!The tracks were so rhythmically upbeat yet somehow blended with a combination of life's sadness while giving the listener all the key ingredients to smile and move on (Joy Of Life and The Bones track ) rhythmically and spirit wise ....we were moved by your tunes. I found it jazzy and catchy to say the least. Thank you for the gift,it's top drawer on the c/d rack in the buggy. Thank you for passing on the Tribute segment,I greatly appreciate that. I can now visualize everything we talked about on Saturday! Sorry to have missed you on Sunday-we had an unexpected business meeting with a local B and B-
Best regards,
Dear Sari,
First, I know today is the day 2 years ago that Harry peacefully left this world so I am so very thankful to have been able to view the Tribute you made to Harry not only in the movie – which brought me to tears but also but also the beautiful cd you created.  Brooks and I listened to it on our drive home and we can’t even begin to tell you how much we truly loved and enjoyed it!  You have an amazing voice – it’s absolutely beautiful – and your message is so uplifting and joyful.  Our hearts were filled while we listened.  It will be one of my favorite cd’s to listen to.  I love the musical instruments as well – it’s a real compilation of musical talents – a little jazzy, a little broadway, a little poetry, a little inspirational/spiritual enlightenment – and of course a tribute to a great man and a love that endures forever.

Sari, I have listened to part of your CD.  Leslie lent it to me.  I am so enjoying it!!!! There is such diversity of song and lyrics that you sing.  I think because I know you too, that I imagine you singing all the songs on stage in a theatrical setting, I can really see and hear you doing that.  I look forward to listening to the rest soon.  I also really look forward to your program at Hevreh and to seeing you sometime outside of work in GB.  Love to you Sari, Nancy
Finally feeling well enough to experience your CD without interruption.  I cannot tell you how
BLOWN AWAY!!  I am.   There is so much music there, so much.  It needs more listening from me just to be able to hear the myriad nuances you and the musicians have created.  And the treat of hearing some songs I never heard before....  WOW!  Everybody sounds great,  but Jeff (piano) is so good...so sensitive.  He's a great match for the depth of your music and lyrics.  For whatever it's worth,  I am really proud of you and your accomplishments.  You've done yourself proud!
 Sari I've been listening and it's wonderful.....you are so talented.
 many many many super-duper congratulations on the completion of your 2-year (life-time) project! Now the songs in your heart are free to fly. Lovely and heartfelt vocals, totally great arrangements and undeniably fantabulous players marinated in a smorgasbord of your songs of many moods-You have dished up something for everyone! Your abundance of material easily could have been 2 or more CD's.  My favorite: "I Sing To Me" and "Undreamable" a close second.
Hi Sari,
I listened to your CD three times through yesterday. I found myself singing along to a Path to Love, the song I know the best. That one is my favorite though I also love your upbeat songs. It’s better than therapy. Makes me want to go out there and be the best I can be! I love the way you articulate the song poems. The phrasing is nuanced and unexpected shifts in inflection keep me riveted. The album in its entirety with shifts from rousing to plaintive constitute a virtual musical score. Now someone just has to write the book and tie it all together!       Love, Amy

 In the tradition of the Red Hot Mamas, Sari Max belts out her own life's lessons that are both universal and timeless. Zeus Goldberg
 Hi Sari,

What a well-rounded variety of original music compiled on one CD! Lively, jazzy, bluesy, and Brazilian sounds weave together delightful songs and poignant poetry.
As a Wedding Officiant and Interfaith Minister, I can tell you that "A Path To Love" is a perfect wedding processional.  A storyteller, Sari Max also deals with serious subjects such as personal loss, in "Gone Missing" which is strikingly heartfelt.  Almost everyone can relate to it, without being morbid.

There's an appeal to children to reach for their personal best as well as spirited songs about Jesus and Judaism.

Altogether, this album is a joyful, noisy find!

Reverend Deborah Sofferman

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. This was a very busy week and I wanted to get some quality time to devote to your CD. I have to preface my comments by reminding you that this is NOT the type of music I usually listen to. (Although I must admit that I had unexplained crushes on Rosemary Clooney and Polly Bergen as a child. Please keep that to yourself.) Let's talk about everything except you. The musicians are incredible!!!! The engineering very professional The sound jumps from the CD. It's very alive, and bright with all the instruments having great depth and presence. Even the secondary voices had presence and life and were true to the sounds of the instrument. Now let's talk about you. Your voice was perfectly placed among the instruments. There was so much personality to the interpretations that it really felt as though you were telling a story through music. A lot of times I'll listen to singers and there's a sameness to the voice no matter what is being sung. You were able to characterize your voice to the story being told. Lovely singing. Really incredible. I appreciate just how much of your life must have gone into this labor of love. And this was BEFORE I realized that these were original compositions. Harry would be very proud. As you should be. Gil

 Yaron Gershovsky: " Listened to your CD...wonderful! Enjoyed it so much! Everything is exquisite...your singing, the playing...the music is a lot of fun. All the best".



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