Noisy Joy to the Bonehouse Blues - Credits

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1. Priscilla Pizzicato Theme (2:53) 1
2. The First Song Ever Sung (3:18) 1
3. Gone Missing (5:55) 3
4. That’s What Life Is All About (2:10) 5
5. The Bonehouse Blues (6:15) 1
6. Undreamable (4:42) 4
7. Noisy Joy (4:46) 1
8. Will Anybody Listen? (3:26) 1
9. Life Is Something That Happens (3:42) 5
10. I Sing To Me (3:23) 2
11. Blow Wind, Blow (3:22) 2
12. A Path To Love (5:15) 6
13. Six Degrees Of Separation/Camel’s Nose Under The Tent (4:30)1
14. Children, Gather ‘Round (2:42) 1
15. Let’s Tell A Story (Medley) (4:11) 1
16. Sweet Dreams, Sweet World (4:24) 1
17. Evolution (2:03) 1 *
18. Princess Vesuvius? (1:40) 1 *
19. Remember His Spirit (3:26) 1 *
20. Sweet Dreams, Sweet World – Story (2:52) 1



*Poems by Ben Max/ Music by Sari Max

Music & Lyrics & Collaborators:
1 Sari Max (©2011)
2 Sari Max & Ruth Pleva (©1987 Max/Pleva)
3 Sari Max with Andrew O’Hazo (©2008 Max/O’Hazo)
4 Sari Max & Harry Max (©2011 Max/Max)
5 Sari Max & Joan Spear (©1995 Max/Spear)
6 Sari Max & Peter Millrose (©2010 Max/Millrose)

© 2011 BY SARI MAX


Jeff Harris
Piano: All songs, poems, story –
1 through 20
Electric piano: 6, 9, 10,
Synth string pad: 16

Harry Max
Electric bass: 1, 2, 3, 13

Boots Maleson
Acoustic bass: 14, 15, 16

John Arbo
Electric Bass: 6, 10, 11

Jay Berliner
Acoustic guitar: 14, 16
Electric guitar: 8, 16

Rick Cutler
Drums: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 13, 15, 16, 17
Percussion: 14

All songs arranged by:
Jeff Harris

All songs, poems, and story
co-produced by:
Jeff Harris and Sari Max,
except: A Path To Love, co-produced by
Peter Millrose & Sari Max;
Peter Millrose: instrumental orchestration;
Peter Millrose & Sari Max:
vocal arrangement

Lew Soloff
Trumpet: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 16

Bruce Bonvissuto
Trombone: 1, 4

Norbert Statchel
Alto Flute: 6, 11

Andy Farber
Soprano Saxophone: 10

Mark Fineberg
Tenor Saxophone: 8, 14
Clarinet: 15

Peter Prosser
Cello: 3, 10, 11, 12

Karl Latham
Drums/percussion: 6, 10, 11

Kory Grossman
Percussion: 9, 10, 11, 14

Peter Millrose
Synthesizer: 12
Tambourine: 8

Sari Max
All Vocals & Background Vocals;

Photography: Judith Petrovich
Mastering: Andy VanDette
CD Design: Amy Geller
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Recorded at:
Clinton Recording Studios, NYC: 1, 2, 3, 13
Dubway Music, NYC: 4, 5, 9
Millrose Music, NYC: 4-12, 14-20
Savage Tunes, NJ: 6, 10, 11
Vocals recorded at Millrose Music except 1, 2, 3, 13
Mixed at Clinton Recording Studios, NYC: 1-3, 13
Millrose Music, NYC: 4-12, 14-20
Re-mixed at Millrose Music, NYC: 2


Me and Ron "The Mode" Modell, founder of Northern Illinois University Jazz Dept. and trumpeter fame
Deepest gratitude must go to My Liebling, Harry (Kranner) Fiss (see Filmmaking), without whom I would not have embarked upon my recording project – Noisy Joy To The Bonehouse Blues. His loving support and unconditional positive regard were so strong that I mustered the courage to move forward. I am thrilled to have the memory of his accompaniment to Clinton Recording Studios, NYC. My music is fully infused with his spirit.  

I offer a deep thank you to Ben Max for his remarkable creative contributions and love.  I could not be more proud of him – first, as a mother, second, as a colleague in the world of expressive arts, and third, as a citizen who practices Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). I hope you avail yourselves of his poetry, included here under the tab, “Other Media”. I have recorded three of his poems on my album, each with a musical underscore (Tracks 17, 18, 19). In addition to these three there are others to read from his book, Returning Home to My Burning House. His poem, Remember His Spirit, is the soundtrack for the Tribute to Harry (Kranner) Fiss that is on the website menu under “Filmmaking”. The love of my daughter-in-spirit, Leonore Briones-Ortiz, keeps my heart full.

I am most grateful to Harry Max, my teacher, my friend, and vocal enthusiast for my recording. I am honored to have been his wife. I am glad to be a colleague – although I have much to learn if I wish to be on par with him as a musician. His playing enhances this recording.

Ron Modell is a true friend – along with his wife, Kathy. After Harry died I would not have been able to complete the recording project if it was not for his constant care and enthusiasm. His superb musicianship and professionalism have taught me much about being uncompromising while reaching for the best one can be.

I wish to thank my mother, Roz Havas, for setting a great example and sharing her exquisite wide-ranging taste in music. As a child, I heard classical and jazz - both live and recorded; we sang folk, madrigal, and popular musical theater songs; we attended musical theater and Young People’s concerts with Leonard Bernstein, to list a few of my experiences. It was especially a treat to hear my mother play Chopin on the piano. I thank my sister, Eva Havas Gonzales, here, too, for her positive words and deeds on my behalf. She has been unwavering in her belief in my artist abilities.

Daryl Sherman, the great popular singer, pianist, and songwriter, has been as a sister to me for almost forty years. Not only has “DeeDee” inspired and delighted me with her extraordinary range of ability and scope of knowledge of song lyrics and ‘The Great American Songbook’ lore, she is a loyal, humble friend. I love her like a sister.

Steve Kuhn, the great jazz pianist and composer, has been a dear friend since I was twenty-one years old. I listen to his recordings more than any other artist’s. His wit and humor have been essential in my life. More important have been his big-brotherly words of wisdom: “simplify!” and “follow your heart”, among others. He has encouraged my self-expression and his praise is meaningful to me beyond words. I treasure his friendship.

Many of the relatives on my biological father’s side of the family have encouraged my creativity over the years. I am particularly grateful to my “Aunt Mazie” (Dr. Marilyn Bensman) for her generosity – both of spirit and deed. She has opened her home to me as I made many, many trips back and forth to NYC to rehearse and record. We were close before but I am so happy that we have grown even closer. I love all my cousins and have the closest relationship with Mazie’s daughter, Dr. Rhea Bensman. For my entire life, Rhea has been enthusiastic and supportive of my musical endeavors.  

I wish to extend a deep thank you to Jeff Harris for his marvelous arrangements and superb pianistic contributions to NOISY JOY TO THE BONEHOUSE BLUES.  He, Lew Soloff (trumpet), Harry Max (electric bass), Boots Maleson (acoustic bass), Rick Cutler (drums, percussion, and synth), Jay Berliner (acoustic & electric guitar), Bruce Bonvissuto (trombone), and the other musicians on my recording are the best NYC has to offer. I am so fortunate to have them play my original music in these elegant settings. I sing their praises more specifically, in the section of the menu on this website which has the Lyrics and Back-Story to each of the tracks.

Ed Rak, chief engineer at Clinton Recording Studios, NYC, was so terrific during the sessions we recorded there. These were my first in a long time and he helped me to get back in the saddle gracefully by providing a terrific environment in which to work. I thank him very much.

Peter Millrose, of Millrose Music, NYC, is cited in the CD “Back-Story” section of the website. As engineer, co-writer of Track 12, A Path To Love, and occasional vocal coach (not to mention kick-ass tambourine player!), I owe him a great big thank you. Over many, many months Peter’s sense of humor kept me “up” during intense times in the recording process.

Judith Petrovich, a dear friend and fine art and commercial photographer, has taken the photos for the front and back cover of the CD, NOISY JOY TO THE BONEHOUSE BLUES. The photo shoot was like a beautiful dance. I included more of her headshots in the “Bio” section of the menu, under the subheading, “Personal”. I am grateful for her friendship and the encouragement she gives me (along with her partner, Phil Grausman). Judith had taken exciting photos of me for the Litchfield County Times newspaper. They are available under the menu tab, “BIO” and the subheading, “Press”. I am so happy our dogs, Jonesy and Ella, brought us together again!

Amy Geller is an old Little Red School House friend with whom I reconnected after the last reunion. She deserves a lot of thanks for the intense work sessions with me during which we fashioned the computer graphics for the CD. She also worked many hours without me by her side. I appreciate her enthusiasm for my music. Her comments can be read under the subheading, “testimonials”, on the menu.

I am so grateful to my collaborators for their dedication to excellence and each of their unique expressions of talent. Their contributions made me a better songwriter and creative entity. Thank you Harry Max, Ruth Pleva, Peter Millrose, and Joan Spear. Thank you, too, to Joan Spear and her husband, Bill, for sheltering us when we were flooded out of our Bantam Lake home, and for generously aiding us in deed and spirit at Harry’s passing.

In my daily life I am privileged to call “dearest friends” the Lazer and Cooper families, Stacey Caren and Barry Bragger, and Yael and Skip Hunt; also, Cyndi Sutherland, Marilyn Miller, Benter Okuom, Rayleen Stubbs and Jane Loud. These are my front line friends without whom I couldn’t fathom having gone through Harry’s last few years on earth and his passing. We have shared myriad great times and some very tough ones, too. I am blessed to have them in my life. Jeanette Brod Lazer aided me in the rewrite of Track 15, Let’s Tell a Story (Medley). See the Back-Story on the Tracks on the menu of this website for more on that and the lyrics. She is a sister along with Valerie English Cooper who has cast her expert editorial eye on much of the Website contents, offering astute suggestions that have greatly enhanced the site. I don’t know what I would do without these two “rocks”!

My newest neighbors Peg Duus, Chuck and Colette Wynn (my Jonesy-boy’s godparents), and Harold and Louise Meyer, have become family to me. Their encouragement throughout the recording process, during Harry’s illnesses, and more, has been invaluable.

Susan Jorgensen has been my Spiritual Director for over a decade. I love her and her constant selfless generosity of word and deed. Her prayers for and with me have buoyed me (and Harry) in the darkest hours. She is an ANGEL in every sense. Whether visiting with me as I waited alone during the seven hours of Harry’s open-heart surgery, visiting us at the hospital on numerous occasions, celebrating small or large milestones together, or rejoicing over NOISY JOY TO THE BONEHOUSE BLUES, Susan has been there for me ALWAYS. I am grateful beyond words.

Although we are far apart geographically, my dear “sister” Myriah Roy (in Washington State), and “honorary daughter” and friend (since she was a child!), Meital Rusdia and her husband, Yudi (in Switzerland), are dear to my heart. I am sure of our love for one another and support for each other’s life events.

Heartfelt thank you's to Jeff Schlichter for myriad contributions to the overall excellence of my latest work and this website. From honest, expert feedback on the vocal tracks to lending more than a heaping hand for the Tribute to Harry Kranner Fiss (see filmmaking), to making copies of lots of different CD's, backing up forty hours plus of documentary footage, to being a super trustworthy friend, Jeff is special indeed. I can't wait for the video shoot with him of my new songs in performance! See "links" for how to get in touch with him for Cameo Video. Big hugs to Jeff (and Sue)!

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