18. Princess Vesuvius?

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Princess Vesuvius?
Sari Max

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18. Princess Vesuvius? (1:40)

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Poem by Ben Max with Music by Sari Max


Princess Vesuvius?


She is like a volcano,

Explosive, sizzling,

Never dormant, ever-active,


But citizens,

Do not fear her eruptions

Like panicking Pompeiians,

For she is not Vesuvius.

She is volcanic in spirit,

In potential, actual energy,

Vesuvian in impact,

For she blasts not lava

But entertainment,


Wreaks not havoc but

Harmony, happiness.

Do not flee,

Hysterically run the streets,

Instead, rejoice, lucky victims,

For in her powerful path is not destitution,

Not ending but

Beginning, hope,

Life, love, and music.


In her wonderful wake are hugs and smiles,

Watermelon kazoos, pigs ‘n whistles ‘n oinks.


Princess Vesuvius.


Music: Priscilla Pizzicato Theme by Sari Max

Track 18



This poem is a wry and hysterical commentary about my character as a person juxtaposed to my character as a “Lady Music Clown”. Whether being Princess Pricilla, The Lady Music Clown, Priscilla Pizzicato, Bubbe, the seven characters I play in “Changing Faces”, or someone else, Ben Max gets the thread of continuity – the essence of “me” that runs throughout better than anyone. Jeff Harris improvises with colorful bounce and flounce on Track 1, the Priscilla Pizzicato Theme, under my recitation.