16. Sweet Dreams, Sweet World

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Sweet Dreams, Sweet World
Sari Max

1:30 min

16. Sweet Dreams, Sweet World (4:24)

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Sweet Dreams, Sweet World

Music and lyrics by Sari Max


Sweet dreams, sweet world

I hug you goodnight so tight tonight

Tomorrow hugs will be everywhere

We’ll hug a star and a soft blues guitar

A yellow cab, a hermit crab


Sweet dreams

(from Martinique to Mozambique from Amsterdam to Birmingham)

Sweet world

(from Budapest to Cedar Crest from Molokai to Uruguay)


I kiss you goodnight so tight tonight

Tomorrow kisses will be everywhere

We’ll kiss a frog and a tail-wagging dog

A playground swing, a diamond ring


We’ll read books full of adventure

And wonder about others’ lives

I’ll read you some tales of pirates and whales

And we’ll fly! We’ll fly! We’ll fly!


Sweet dreams, sweet world

I hold you so tight and rock you goodnight

Tomorrow love will be everywhere

We’ll love each day our work and our play

The harmony of you and me

 Sweet dreams

(from Argentina to Catalina from Bali to Mali)

Sweet world

(from Panama to Bogota from Dubai to Mumbai)

Sweet dreams

(from Rio to Sarajevo from Haifa to Jaffa)

Sweet world

(from Australia to Bulgaria)

From me to You!

Track 16



This lullaby is one of my favorite songs on the album. It is at once tender and peaceful yet exciting. The arrangement here has Lew Soloff playing tasty licks on trumpet and Jay Berliner playing both electric and acoustic guitar (not at the same time – as great as Jay is!). Jay’s swinging time propels the piece forward…once again, a meaningful and sweet arrangement by Jeff Harris. I loved singing all the background parts…coached by Peter Millrose, once again. Peter helped to capture the mood I was aiming for. When I wrote this song, I wanted to speak and sing directly to the audience in that universal language of nighttime hugs, kisses, rocking, and tenderness while weaving in a sense of adventure. Sending the lyric around the world to various continents, countries, islands, and cities, underscored my desire to make it the world’s bedtime song. On Track 20, I recite the story upon which this song is based, while Jeff Harris improvises this song on piano as accompaniment.

The outro is in such a great groove I never want it to end!