12. A Path To Love

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A Path To Love
Sari Max

1:30 min

12. A Path To Love (5:15)

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A Path to Love

music and lyrics by Sari Max with Peter Millrose


There is a path to love

Take your loved one hand in hand to love

Moment by moment share the love

Moment by moment be the love

Moment by moment follow love

Follow love


Beginning a new life

Own your own grace

Two will now live as one

Shelter each other from storms you will face

Give comfort like light from the sun


There is a path to love

Walk together on the path to love

Day after day share the love

Day after day be the love

Day after day cherish love

Cherish love


Creative and thoughtful

Patient and kind

As mindful as you can be

Build your own home life with peace and you’ll find

A marriage in harmony


Follow Love

Cherish Love

Giving Love


Living Love

Track 12

A Path To Love

Over the years, I have delighted in writing songs for special events, occasions, and people – personally and professionally. I grew up in New York City in the winters and on Bantam Lake in Connecticut during the summers. My mother and Stepfather were part of a group of friends who loved to write funny and telling lyrics to existing (mostly popular folk or Broadway songs) music for each and every birthday, anniversary, or special moments. I watched, listened, and absorbed these writing sessions and soon participated in them as well. I love word play and words (I especially enjoy playing Scrabble – MOST especially with my son). I get great pleasure from reading – especially autobiography and biography. I love poetry. I LOVE reading song lyrics. My favorite books at this time are: Songwriters on Songwriting by Paul Zollo, Finishing The Hat, by Stephen Sondheim, Soul Picnic, The music and passion of Laura Nyro by Michele Kort, and, Paul Simon Lyrics 1964 – 2008 by Paul Simon. I am infatuated with and adore the unique work of Maira Kalman, too – but that’s a discussion going in a whole other direction that is more appropriate on the website menu selection (Other Media) for my Five Dimensional Painted Word Things.


I have written many songs for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvah’s, and births, but in the summer and fall of 2010 I produced two of my favorites*. A Path To Love began as A Path To Peace** – a song I was writing when informed of an imminent wedding. Upon deliberation, I realized that a wedding song must be a peace song, too; Building a marriage on principles of peace is the strongest way to assure a harmonious union.  At the time, I was working in the recording studio with Peter Millrose. We started discussing the song and soon were collaborating on it. I thought it fair to give him songwriting credit as he helped shape the form in a critical way.  He was a terrific vocal coach on this song – especially with the harmony parts I sang.

Peter Prosser’s cello brings an essential dimension to the song: another “human voice”. To me, his cello speaks the way Lew Soloff gets his trumpet to speak as well – truly an extension of our voices channeled through our souls.




Peter Millrose’s synthesized pop orchestral (and our vocal parts) build gloriously upon one another. Jeff Harris’ pianistic skills strongly infuse the arrangement. I am so glad that the bride and groom love it so much they chose to give copies on CD of it to each of the guests at the wedding.

Of course, any wedding song makes me refer to my own wedding(s) and the music that made them special. For my first, Emil Greenberg (Harry Max’ and my former teacher, mentor, and colleague) surprised us and played a lovely ballad Harry wrote as we walked down the aisle. At my very small and private wedding to Harry Kranner Fiss, the only music was my unaccompanied sung rendition of “I’m Glad There Is You” (by Paul Madeira and Jimmy Dorsey). My Liebling was so surprised and happy. I am grateful we videoed the vows we wrote to one another – indeed, our entire wedding ceremony, with my serenade. I will treasure that forever!


* The other, Magic and Miracles, is not featured on the album but you may hear an excerpt on the website (go to Other Media and then to “Personalized Material”). I am singing it with the great guitarist Jay Berliner on acoustic guitar and Jeff Harris on piano.


** A Path To Peace is available upon request but is neither on the website nor the recording.