8. Will Anybody Listen?

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Will Anybody Listen?
Sari Max

1:30 min

8. Will Anybody Listen? (3:26)

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Will Anybody Listen?

Music and lyrics by Sari Max


Talk, chatter, whine, and gossip, pander and deride

Squawk, bully, grunt and meddle, rant, rave, and divide,

Hawk, peddle, smirk, and whimper, politic, coerce,

Brag, battle, bait, complain, blah-blah, chapter – verse




Will anybody listen?

Will we lower our guard?

Take a chance and stop hissing

Trust is hard, it’s so hard


Our world’s in one big crazy mess that will not be denied

Wildlife share this earth, they can’t speak up, they cry or die

NOW is when we need a fix, tomorrow is too late

But all I’m hearing in my ears is blame, deceit, and hate





Hold on for dear life

For life’s sake please hold on

Hold on for the children

Keep on holding, holding strong



Simplify, prioritize, look deep into your heart

Ready your commitment for a new and solid start

Don’t be so demoralized by those who preach “the fear”

Progress is in your own hands buck up and get in gear!





The children of our children need to know we’ve done our best

Let’s purify the air and sea we’re Mother Nature’s guests

Lean on politicians, throw your money at the cause

Activate abilities replace the harmful laws


Work on for dear life

For life’s sake please work on

Work on for the children

Keep on working, working strong, working strong


“Live and let live” is a phrase that’s running out of time

Losing countless species isn’t “too bad”, It’s a crime

Before we blindly self-destruct work it like a team

Obstruction for obstruction’s sake is no American Dream






Sing out for dear life

For life’s sake please sing out

Please sing out for the children

Keep on singing, singing strong


Possibilities abound for those who persevere

Hunger can be of the past as reckoning draws near

Education is a prize why only for a few?

Care for each and every one is not a thought that’s new




Track 8


This is a song that marries the chorus of a song I wrote (with this same title) when working on a show I called, “Camel’s Nose Under the Tent”, with new lyrics for its verses and a completely new “C” section**. Originally, as with the show itself, the song was about small town politics and interpersonal politics. When I revisited it to consider it for this recording project, I liked it well enough but wanted it to express more of my thoughts and feelings about the way our country’s problems were and weren’t being addressed by our leaders. Also, I wanted to inspire people to take steps for change*** in several vital areas (the environment, hunger, protecting our children, wildlife, education, etc.). My observation is that there isn’t a lot of deep listening going on – particularly in our government’s inner sanctums. There is a lot of rhetoric, greed, self-aggrandizing, and a frightening level of bullying – in speech and action.  I hope this song will be an anthem for sane, safe, and swift positive personal and global action.

The legendary guitarist Jay Berliner is featured with the band on this track. I am very fortunate to have Jay join us on several selections. His zesty playing inspires all the musicians. It was a thrill to sing with him. This is the closest to a rock song I have on the album. It’s more of a “rockabilly” sound and I like its rousing spirit! Peter Millrose, the engineer (at whose studio, Millrose Music, NYC I recorded and mixed a lot of this work) contributed a lot to the final vocal performance. Not only was Peter’s great sense of humor in full swing throughout the recording and mixing sessions but his superb musicianship and great ears were invaluable. We even ended up writing a song together! (Track 12 – A Path to Love)


* A reference to someone who is too nosy. Also, see track 13 for a medley of two other songs from this show, Six Degrees of Separation and Camel’s Nose Under the Tent.


** This is the section that is repeated three times throughout the song: ”Please hold on…Please work on…Please sing out…” For the complete lyrics to this and all the songs refer to the website.


*** Refer to the website for links to important organizations which you can support in various ways.