7. Noisy Joy

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Noisy Joy
Sari Max

1:30 min

7. Noisy Joy (4:46)

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Noisy Joy (for my Liebling)

Music and lyrics by Sari Max


Oh Boy! Noisy Joy, noisy joy…

Oh Boy…


No more dark despair, however quiet

My heart harbors a full-blown riot


Oh Boy! Noisy Joy, noisy joy…

Oh Boy!


More - I could never love you

More - I could never wish for

More - I could never speak aloud


How I feel you deeply, truly

Touching me – touching my soul


Oh Boy! Noisy Joy, noisy joy…

Oh boy…


Now - my heart is open

Now - my life is open

Now - we are one forever more


How I feel you deeply, truly

Touching me – touching my soul

Track 7


This song was born from a conversation Harry (Fiss) and I had after he had come out of his open- heart surgery (in July of 2002). He told me “I am so happy I couldn’t die if I wanted to!” This elicited laughter and continued to do so as it became part of our family lore. He then asked what I thought the opposite of “quiet desperation” would be. He was thinking of the Henry David Thoreau quote, “most men lead lives of quiet desperation”. A moment later I exclaimed, “Noisy Joy!” as it was logical (and poetic). In response, those rosy apple-cheeks of Harry’s were evident along with the twinkle he exhibited when delighted. I sat down at the piano and started to write this song. I picked it up and put it down a number of times over the course of a couple of years as the chord structure was getting away from me. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. In fact, Joan Spear kindly gave a listen at one point, suggesting I “lighten it up”…she approached it with a bossa feel. Ultimately, I didn’t hear it that way. However, I was too sophisticated for my own good! Or, for my own limited technical compositional skills. I am so fortunate to have Harry Max and Jeff Harris to help me to flesh out some of the more complex harmonic ideas I have had – not just with this song but also with others. Noisy Joy became a very intimate tribute to the love Harry (my “Liebling” – which is German for “darling”) and I had. The first set of repeated “noisy joy” lyrics are the hopeful and joyous ones…by the next set there is the sadness of “oh boy, what has Life brought to us now?!” As you may surmise, I completed the song after Harry died…it is bittersweet and one of my personal favorites.


Noisy Joy is the only song on the CD where Lew Soloff, Jeff Harris, and I are working as a trio. It was a special time for me in the studio. I just love the interweaving of the three parts…and their spot on ability to interpret the lyrics. One of my favorite moments was when Jeff and I were introducing Lew to this song. We were next to the piano in Peter Millrose’s studio, Lew standing with his horn centered in front of his body, leaning to his side, listening intently…he tried quite a few sounds on for size after that: with and without mute, changing horns…always listening in that way that reasserts how music perpetually runs throughout his body and soul. His love for improvisational jazz is as fresh as ever. I feel so fortunate to have Lew play throughout this very personal recording…the integrity and vitality he adds to the gestalt are invaluable to the overall quality of the project. AND, his humor (with trademark mischievous laugh) is priceless! I am honored to call him my friend. I was all of fifteen years old when we met…yesterday?