6. Undreamable

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Sari Max

1:30 min

6. Undreamable (4:42)

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(Originally entitled: “Sari’s Song”)

Music by Harry Max lyrics by Sari Max


Undreamable -

With my heart so swiftly beating

At the time of our first meeting one day

Yes, you felt it too then a very special love came our way

Undreamable –

Little things we live together unfold lightly into bold memories

Incredible! We embrace the noisy joy of you and me

That dance of life we do

Weaves unspoken bliss and souls so brave so free

And the times we kiss are the times I feel

so wistfully, overwhelmingly flowing

Like the tide at sea

Swelling day and night in moon’s eternity

That’s why I’m singing, singing my love song

Knowing you’ll sing along

La la la la la la la la la la…


Undreamable –

Thee feelings here inside me

Are all I ever dreamt, never knew

When I think of you

I’m enveloped in your arms bliss renewed

Undreamable –

That the universe has molded our two beings into one evermore


You give life to my song’s melody

As the music swells

Passion fills our world a sweet dark mystery

Only time can tell we are symphonies of history

And our hearts ever knowing

Words are not enough

Silence holds the power of nature’s poetry

That’s why I’m dreaming, dreaming our love song

Knowing you’ll dream along


Our dream lives on! On and on…

Track 6


Many years ago, my husband at the time, Harry Max, asked what I wished for my birthday. I responded that I wanted him to write a song for me that would be a vocal challenge and which I could perform and record. It was a sneaky way to get him to write – he’s so brilliant at composing and arranging and many, not just I, wished him to more of it! In response, he wrote “Sari’s Song” – a beautiful, and indeed challenging, bossa nova – for which I will remain eternally grateful. For lyrics, he turned to a musician friend who was skilled at writing and, shortly thereafter, the song was ready. I recorded it with a terrific band, featuring Eddie Monteiro on vocal scat and accordion. Eddie is a unique and versatile singer, musician, and arranger. He has a spectacular sense of humor. Over the years I thought about wanting to rewrite the lyrics to this song. As I approached this recent recording, I saw fit to try my hand at the lyric. I was inspired by my second (now deceased) husband’s interest in dreaming and sleep – the work for which he was known (as a psychologist). Also, as there was no word for the feelings we had to express the love developed for one another over a forty plus year friendship that had blossomed into the most unlikely but exquisite romance. I coined the term, “undreamable” to describe this romance in all its splendid iterations. I changed the title, as it seemed to be a good fit. The rest of the lyrics speak for themselves. Although I miss Eddie’s contribution to the original version, I do love the driving, rhythmic force of the band and the great alto flute solo by Norbert Statchel. And, yes, “the dream lives on and on”! Thank you, again, Harry, for such a wonderful bossa nova! And, for playing your wonderful bass parts on Tracks 1,2,3, and 13.