3. Gone Missing

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Gone Missing
Sari Max

1:30 min

3. Gone Missing (5:55)

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Gone Missing

Music and lyrics by Sari Max with Andrew O’Hazo



Here, then gone

Gone Missing

Missing you, missing us

Here, then gone

Gone missing


I can’t speak when I see your face in a photograph

I can’t breathe when I hear your voice in my dream at night

A twist of my gut when I pass the place

where I first kissed your lips

There’s a pain in my heart when my mind tells me

Leaving was just not right

Frozen in space with this uncertain empty life

Where are you now?

Do you ever think of me?

How did forever become so temporary?




Shadows dog every move as day staggers towards night

Ever thought echoes bounced ‘round my dazed crazy mind

I feel trapped in my head, no bearing, no light and no time

Could two who spoke so lovingly grow bitter and so unkind?

Frozen in space with this uncertain empty life

Where am I now?

Will love come back to me?

How could heart vows turn to nightmares of uncertainty?



Track 3


This song originally was written to be sung and recorded not by me but by my former student. For more than two years we had been writing and recording a rock album featuring him on vocals. The songs mostly had driving beats and up tempos…he had a bluesy song in the collection, but no traditional slow ballad. He came to me with the line, “how could forever be so temporary” and a couple of chords for the chorus. I thought it could be fashioned into a nice ballad. That line inspired me and I wrote the rest of the song – particularly to give him a new kind of vocal challenge – and, unfortunately, when he completed his album I discovered he hadn’t chosen to record it. I always felt close to the song as when writing it I experienced nuances in my emotions having to do with my divorce, after 25 years of marriage (and my parents’ divorce) that I never before examined. Of course the topic gave me pause for thought about all relationships and how they come to be and how they sometimes unravel. The jazziness of the second verse is something I like a lot particularly juxtaposed to the poetry of the lyric. To write this “back story” I went back to my original songwriting notes and must say that the second verse of this song almost came out whole cloth…that doesn’t often occur but when it does, it’s sweet!! Jeff Harris’ piano solo and Lew Soloff’s trumpet solo are plaintive and bring forth the introspective nature of the song. Lew’s one sustained note in his solo is so rich with color…simplicity at its finest and most robust! - Zen- like in its ability to say so much while (seemingly) effortless.