2. The First Song Ever Sung

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The First Song Ever Sung
Sari Max

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2. The First Song Ever Sung (3:18)

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The First Song Ever Sung

Music and lyrics by Sari Max


The first song that was ever sung

Is the only song that is ever sung

It is the song of One, the song of love

A gift from the Spirit

Listen, you can hear it!



If you can talk, you can sing

If you can dance, your heart can take wing

The first song, the first dance, the first prayer

Your first breath, your first step, your heart care


The first dance that was ever danced

Is the only dance that is ever danced

It is the dance of One, the dance of love

A gift from the Spirit

Watch! You needn’t fear it!




The first prayer that was ever prayed

Is the only prayer that is ever prayed

It is the prayer of One, the prayer of love

A gift from the Spirit

Trust and you’ll be near it!



Track 2


I wrote this song almost in its entirety in the car – while driving! Don’t try this, please! It was a glorious, sunshine-filled day in May. I had just left the Omega Institute after a long weekend of participation in the workshops of Music for People. This gathering of music-making, openhearted people (lead by David Darling, visionary artistic director and extraordinary cellist-composer-improviser-educator-performer- Grammy-winning recording artist) created the soil for my song to bud and flower. It was a thrilling and inspiring weekend – as it is always while being in the world of Music for People! Someone gathered everyone together at the closing and read a children’s book – I believe it was by Laura Krauss Melmed - in which a little boy asks, in turn, his grandparents and parents, what was the first song ever sung…they answer according to how their daily labors are carried out, i.e. a fishing song, a gathering song, a lullaby etc.

The profound nature of the Music for People group spirit and love for self-expression, lead my thoughts to explore the essence or beginning of all sound, movement, and prayer. I thought about what David Darling has shared on numerous occasions about his early experiences with sound. He was fascinated early on by “where did the sound go?” After we can’t hear it any longer, where is it?  

This song practically wrote itself.  I am thrilled with how Lew Soloff’s lyrical trumpet playing and my scatting work together. Also, the cello part that Jeff Harris added during the “prayer” verse, allows a lovely three part woven effect to evolve at the end.

You will note that Track 17, entitled “Evolution”, has the same theme. This is not an accident…Ben Max heard the song and said he had an idea for a poem and asked if he could use some of the lyrics. Of course I said “yes”. The result is the recitation you hear with the tasty accompaniment on piano by Jeff Harris – to come full circle, the song he is improvising upon is this very one! (Track 2) Song and Poem have now merged and diverged. Resonance at its best…