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Princess Vesuvius?
Sari Max

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Poem by Ben Max with Music by Sari Max

Princess Vesuvius?

She is like a volcano,
Explosive, sizzling,
Never dormant, ever-active,
But citizens,
Do not fear her eruptions
Like panicking Pompeiians,
For she is not Vesuvius.

She is volcanic in spirit,
In potential, actual energy,
Vesuvian in impact,
For she blasts not lava
But entertainment,
Wreaks not havoc but
Harmony, happiness.

Do not flee,
Hysterically run the streets,
Instead, rejoice, lucky victims,
For in her powerful path is not destitution,
Not ending but
Beginning, hope,
Life, love, and music.

In her wonderful wake are hugs and smiles,
Watermelon kazoos, pigs ‘n whistles ‘n oinks.

Princess Vesuvius.


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