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Sari Max

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Poem © Ben Max with Music by Sari Max


From single celled organism
Onward toward human
Took millions of years

Along the way
There came noises
Grunts, screams,
And possibly laughs
Before words.

Was the first laugh
Due to a tickle
Was it due to a fall
Was it due to a sneeze.

The first laugh wasn’t due to a joke
Was it due to a whistle. 

Was the first song ever sung
A thing of beauty
Was it a conscious decision
Did it have words.

The first song ever sung
Must not have had rhythm
Must have felt great
Continues to sound

Is the chorus of every song that is sung
The backbone of prayer.
Was the first prayer ever prayed
Talking to God
Was it asking for help
Was it love.

The first prayer ever prayed
Wasn’t at church
Where was it facing
Was it asking for fire
Was it sung?


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