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At five years of age, my Mother took me to classes with her specifically run for mothers and children, at the school of the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y.C. I continued to study there for many years. On my own after multimedia classes, I chose sculpture and had Lili Gettinger as my teacher. Classes at the Studio School, The School of Visual Arts (at which I attended a course in film as a novice filmmaker  - having won a contest through Teen Magazine – I was 15!), The New School, and private study with Lillian Marzell followed. Audrey Schwalb was a big influence on my life…seeing how she lived as an artist, a woman, a mother, a lover – boldly in this world.

As an undergraduate, first at New York University (NYU – in their University Without Walls program) and then at Queens College (of the City University of New York), I studied some art history – mostly 19th and 20th Century. I received a B.A. (magna cum laude) with an interdisciplinary major (sociology, education, and the arts). I completed one year of a Master’s degree at Adelphi University (in Art Management).

As I had done since early childhood, I haunted the museums and galleries of New York (and other states in the U.S.) and in my travels to Europe, South America, Central America, Mexico, and several islands in the Caribbean.  I read about many artists on my own as well.

My music studies and love for work with children started when I myself was a child of twelve. I entertained at parties for my younger sister and her friends, at nursery schools and libraries…as well as developing my music in the club-date and cabaret world. Over the years I developed the unique performance character, Princess Pricilla, The Lady Music Clown. This became a career unto itself, as the character came to be very much in demand. The synthesis of my musical interests, skills, and talents and my artistic ones – with my experience in business – has given me a tremendously rewarding life.

Designing props, costumes, headpieces, scenery, etcetera, and executing much of it myself, i.e. hand-painting my van, The “Pricillamobile”, and my shoes, bags, and “throne”, has been exciting, fun, and a challenge.

I have made and sold many macramé and crocheted pieces, hand-painted, hand-embroidered, and beaded shirts – as much because they are great mediums to work in as much as they are a diversion from the intensity of a full-time performing career.

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