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Sari Max–Fiss

Born 01.29.53   Brooklyn, New York

Resides in Washington, Connecticut


A fine painter, pianist, and vocalist, my MOTHER was my FIRST TEACHER…providing abundant materials with which to draw, do collage, papier mache, as well as piano and guitar for musical expression….

Her decision to enroll me at the famous (and to some, infamous) Little Red School House, in Greenwich Village, N.Y.C., at the age of six, was the single greatest catalyst for my life lived as an artist.

I was encouraged by excellent, caring teachers to trust my instincts, to be unafraid of passion, to explore and discover MY INTERESTS. I was taught to regard my elders as precious resources not symbols of authority to be feared and falsely revered.

My earliest art teacher was Walter Kendra. For woodworking, I studied with Karl Uretsky and Leo Shapiro. Then, Pearl Shecter was our art instructor at the upper school, Elisabeth Irwin . Art was intertwined with all of our other studies at the school.

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