I am not a filmmaker. Nor do I wish to be one. I do consider myself a “raw data collector”, however, when it comes to the work-in-progress on a documentary I call, “REMEMBER HIS SPIRIT”. This will be a film about the life and work of Harry Kranner Fiss, Ph.D., my deceased, beloved husband.

harry-sari3Harry died on May 2nd, 2009, two weeks after his 83rd birthday. One and a half months after his last vacation and experience of one of the few parts of the world he hadn’t explored. He had been ill, on and off, for a number of years. Until the day he died, he was vital in spirit and fully present in mind. His brilliant intellect was apparent as was his humor and stunning grasp of world culture and history. Harry died at home. He had his loving extended family surrounding him.

The day before he died, his stepson, Ben Max, sat at his side and composed a poem entitled, “REMEMBER HIS SPIRIT”, which uncannily and perfectly captured Harry’s essence and specific special qualities that he possessed. We read the poem at Harry’s funeral and at the unveiling of his headstone one year later. It was recited again this year, at the second anniversary of his passing.

I thought about the poem and the impact Harry’s life and work had on so many people all over the world. I knew his life could be a great example to young people who need inspiration to do their best. This was the catalyst for this documentary project.

The interviews have taken me to France, Germany, Austria, and Israel. Also, I have interviewed several people on the East Coast of the U.S. (including one from Brazil who was visiting the States) and will continue the process on the West Coast (Fall 2011).

Google ‘Harry Fiss, Ph.D.’ for more information and some of Harry’s published works.

Keep checking this website for progress on the documentary, “Remember His Spirit”

Click here to view a video tribute to Harry Fiss, Ph.D.

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