Priscilla Pizzicato & Her Music Room

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1 - Priscilla Pizzicato Theme
Sari Max

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A few years back, a TV producer, Susan Meredith Markowitz, of Stone Circle Productions, approached me asking if she could attend one of my live shows. After, we discussed creating a children’s television series together. I didn’t want it to be about Princess Pricilla, The Lady Music Clown (the character I had been performing for over 20 years), as much as I loved “her”. At this time, I had already developed my Music & Movement & More with Sari Max workshops. After thinking about it, I created a new character: “PRISCILLA PIZZICATO” who was a combination of my persona when leading the workshops and Princess Pricilla, The Lady Music Clown (after all, having performed thousands of times as the Princess, I was her, too!). The outcome was a proposal for a show called, PRISCILLA PIZZICATO and HER MUSIC ROOM…an “edutainment” for young children (and all those who love music, exploring sound, comedy, and whimsy). A wonderful graphic artist interpreted my drawings for Priscilla Pizzicato and the other characters that peopled her world. When the package was complete, we were very happy with the scope of the project and the unique, colorful world in which she “lived”. I wrote the PRISCILLA PIZZICATO THEME at that time but we never recorded it. It does express my feelings about how essential music is in my life…and the lives of the characters I become!

I am happy to have a great band here with me now, to play the song exactly as I hear it and feel it! Lew Soloff has the “Latin thing” down, that’s for certain! I remember going to hear Lew play with the greats in Latin music when I was in my teens! Bruce Bonvissuto does a great job on trombone, as well…they sound like a full horn section! We really captured the spirit of the character and the show with Jeff Harris’ upbeat arrangement. In addition, if you go to the tab on my website menu: FOR CHILDREN and scroll down to PRISCILLA PIZZICATO, you will be able to hear the one-minute version of this theme with LOTS of sound effects (thanks to the great drummer/synth master: Rick Cutler and his fabulous ability to translate what I heard into actual sounds!). I challenge you NOT to move to this song! It’s impossible!

If you listen to track 18, my recitation of a poem by Ben Max called, Princess Vesuvius? you hear the music of this Priscilla Pizzicato Theme underscoring it, playfully improvised on piano by Jeff Harris. The poem and music compliment one another perfectly!

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